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Abroad Pal
meet other penfriends – learn languages

Abroad Pal is a plattform for finding penfriends,
learning something about other countries and cultures!
We provide a powerful penfriend search engine, forums for
open discussions, private messages, profile comments,
user groups and a user profile with full control of the
visibilty of your personal data.


Welcome to, the ultimate platform for finding international penfriends and learning something about other countries and cultures!

The key focus of our platform is to ensure a uncomplicated and easy way to contact possible friends all around the globe.
We provide a powerful penfriend search engine to show you a maximum number of possible penfriends. Another great feature is the next generation user profile, we use. In a world full of daily data affairs we give you, and only you, the full control of your personal data. You are allowed to keep everything hidden you if you’d like to.
You’re free to send private Messages to keep the written content just for you and your interlocutor. Also you’ve got something like a pin board on your profile site, where your penfriends can leave comments, posts, pictures etc. as well you can upload a profile picture to your profile to show users who you are if you want to. Another great feature are the user groups and forum. There you can meet penfriends with your interests, and your hobbys – If there is a group with exactly your concerns missing – you can create one and use it to find penfriends with the same.

Also the support is great, to give you a maximum of information and competent answers to your questions.

Therefore that we’re relative new to the buisness - we want your opinion to give the site a individual and unique look and more great features.
We’re just at the beginning and its a long road to travel abroad and find friends which have something in common or are completely different – its your decision where the journey goes.

Everything is free and safe, so why not join us and be a penfriend?

Welcome to Abroad Pal!
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